Стратосферные телескопы  

2.5м SOFIA - Боинг747 с дырочкой в левом боку

Извините, реконструкция

Телескоп диаметром 40см, доставляемый баллоном на высоту 40км. Обзор в больших полях. УФ-изображения сотен галактик. Испытания детектора, разрабатываемого для GALEX.
The FOCA experiment, a balloon-borne mission from France, consists of a 40 centimeter (16 inch) diameter telescope carried to an altitude of 40 kilometer (25 miles) under a large stratospheric balloon. Designed by the Laboratoire d''Astronomie Spatiale in Marseille in collaboration with the Observatoire de Geneve in Switzerland, FOCA has obtained UV images of the sky only obtainable above the majority of the Earth''s atmosphere. The FOCA instrument uses a detector that is similar to the Near UV detector on GALEX and the telescope also views large regions of the sky, up to 2.3 degrees in diameter. FOCA has obtained UV images of hundreds of galaxies, studied the morphology of nearby spiral galaxies, and has identified quasars lying behind intergalactic clouds of gas.

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